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Kiruthika Arjunan
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KS Nutritional Solutions LLC

Redefining Nutrition
KS Nutritional Solutions is a professional company that gives efficient consultations in the field of Animal Nutrition and Feed milling. lt also caters to various aspects of Value chain in efficient Animal Feed formulation, Feed milling Industry and Quality control systems in Feed Mills, Marketing Channels & Turnkey project handling.

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Our Philosophy :

At KS Nutritional Solutions, we believe in Adding Value for Our clients which ultimately leads to a gain in Value for Ourselves.
For Us “putting the client first is the core of our business and is not simply a marketing tag line.”
We believe that adding value is the fundamental driver of our business. Specifically, it must be self -evident that our contribution to our clients should help them to attain more profits and exceed in their businesses.

The following elements are crucial for executing our philosophy :

What makes us different?
Vision :
Segments that we service :
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Consultancy Services from KS Nutritional Solutions :


We commit to our clients of complete confidentiality and value their trust on us. We plan to serve the following segments in Animal protein production and processing industry,

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